10 December 2008

photography workshop

the 2nd photography workshop was held on 6-7 of this month
& a group of 30 very eager participants headed to the
scenic kudat golf & marina resort for the weekend.
the 1st workshop took place at the
monsopiad cultural village sabah which i missed!

before arriving at our destination, we were already
given our 1st assignment which was to take 3 shots
that'd reflect kampung gombizau, a bee farm in matunggung.
the shots submitted by all 30 participants were used
for discussion the next day.
i, for one made my 1st mistake in taking a cliché shot,
a typical shot that everyone would attempt to take
in showing that they've been to a particular place
by taking the picture of the sign!
i failed my 1st mission terribly but with lots more hope & heart
to better myself :o)

the above picture was cropped to show a closer view of the bees.
again, it wasn't done correctly.
i should've focused on an interesting looking bee
(one with a sense of humour i.e.) instead of the swarm.
ok, noted!
nah, i didn't submit a 3rd shot for this assignment
as the rest of it were super irrelevant.
after the bees, i happily clicked on other stuff. haha!

our 2nd assignment focused on the resort upon our arrival there.
this came out not too bad before it rained non-stop
for the period of our stay there.
yes, never make weather an excuse - that was what we were taught!
i so LOVE clouds & a clear horizon!

this is one of my favourite shots.

i couldn't resist taking another cliché shot. sorry!

on the 2nd day of our workshop,
we left the sheltered resort for a rather wet assignment outdoors.
i'd say we're a good bunch cos despite the gloomy weather, our spirits ran high.
you should've seen the flashes go off all over kudat's dry market,
giving light to the darkness on an overcast day.
it was definitely a bright burst of energy coming from everyone.
we were also taught to communicate with our subject/s
& not simply shoot at anyone without their permission,
therefore avoid becoming rude & annoying photographers.
i met liana, a bubbly 6 year old adorned with a cute tiara.
she's a princess alright :o)

this wasn't an easy shot to take as many waited for their desiccated coconut.
this poor guy kept going as his customers in line were endless.

shelves full of seashells from the seashore.

adi, a friendly fish monger indeed.
i asked him permission to photograph his fishes
& he started to pose for me instead. haha!
we need more characters like him!

i love the red in the fish...

as well as the greenish blue in this one.
it's so goth this fish!

ulai, my roommate & the newest appointed nikon coolpix model!
what did she do on this trip?
the pictures below are testimony to what she has learnt/gained(?)
in the photography workshop. hmmm...

she has turned into a paparazzi that's for sure!

need i say more?

most of her pictures are taken this way -
she's the photographer as well as the subject. go figure!

again, need i say more?

aha! she finally got this group picture right!
at least her head was nowhere near to be seen in this shot!
you're so funnylah ulai!
next time i'll tie you to me at the next workshop
so that you'll not escape from sitting right at the back.
i bet you're thinking, "what next workshop?"

p.s. dear anne in red, why weren't you facing the camera?

i personally enjoyed myself & look forward to the next.
thanks anne & flo for organizing the workshop & showing us all a wonderful time!
ulai was just tagging along kan?


FloDawn said...

Haha! U summarized the workshop nicely Jen :D I totally like the 'liana' & 'Adi' pic! U shud hv used that one as well hehe... but then, it won't show wat Kudat represent kan... well, it can be used as a supporting photo (got such thing ka?)... to show the friendly people.

I'm still trying to find time to make a story out of mine hehe!
Thanks for joining! Looking forward to have u color the next workshop :P
(p/s: Ur hair getting famous kekeke... shown in Dolly's blog as weel)

ULAI said...

hehehehehe! huhuhuhuhuhu! hahahahaha! kekekekekeke! make way make way to the famous nikon model/paparazzi for 2008!!! for the next workshop, my mission is.........tralalalalala!!!! by the way, u cannot tie me bcoz i need to help anne...kan anne kan kan kan!

mom2ashley said...

wah so nice! I would have loved to go on one of these workshops!

strictpollyanna said...

ah jen ah, i love the short explanation u gv one each photo. macam sia baca crita ni.

and....love ur happy colored jacket!

Otta said...

You must tell me when the next trips is. Would love to go.